Audio Visual Fever Dreams in a Building




Photos by Daria Scagliola, Stijn Brakee, taken from Architecture in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision designed by Willem Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedjuck, with exterior wall by artist Jaap Drupsteen, struck me as one of the best examples I’ve seen of a public building which perfectly expresses not just its function, but something more subconscious; the essence of the multimedia it was created to preserve. The surreal main hall descends into the subterranean archives and links them to the museum and offices above ground in a series of glowing entrances, walkways and steps, conjuring in the mind a vast expanse of digital light waves moving across layered circuits or through space. The gridded reflective squares and coloured glass of the interior and exterior walls mimics a pixellated screen. The whole effect is like a technological fever dream of fragments of light and sound, built around cubic crypts housing audio visual relics.


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