Non Places: Auget

“An ever-increasing proportion of our lives is spent in supermarkets, airports and hotels, on motorways or in front of TVs, computers and cash machines. This invasion of the world by what Marc Augé calls “non-space” results in a profound alteration of awareness: something we perceive, but only in a partial and incoherent manner. Augé uses the concept of “supermodernity” to describe a situation of excessive information and excessive space.” – NON PLACES an Introduction to Supermodernity, is one of the most profound essays I’ve ever read. Marc Auge explains so much of day to day experience and alienation in this new world.

A non place- a place without history, social relationships (except transactions) or cultural significance. Often controlled as private property, under surveillance and control. Roadways, shopping malls, new apartment complexes, cruise ships. The world is increasingly made up of non places.


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